Coaching Course

The Coaching Course (2+2 days) deepens the expertise and knowledge you gained from the Thinking Partnership Course, equipping you to take this process into your coaching practice.

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One-to-one work. The course introduces the ‘Spectrum of Independence’ through generative Attention and the building of Incisive Questions. You will develop the expertise as a professional coach using the Thinking Environment approach and methology to produce breakthroughs.



Maximum participants: 5
The break between the 2 first and the 2 last days of the course are meant for the participants to apply and practice the learnings.


Aims and Objectives

  • To learn and integrate the Thinking Environment approach to coaching -To master each aspect of the six-part Thinking Session
  • To learn a wide application of Incisive Questions
  • To practice strategic departure from the six-part session model
  • To practice coaching and being coached in this way
  • To think with clarity about yourown challenges in being a coach

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