Thinking Partnership Course

The Thinking Partnership Course (2+1 days) teaches you the Thinking Partnership Session®, a uniquely powerful process for liberating the human mind.

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One-to-one work. Through generative Attention and the building of Incisive Questions, this process produces breakthrough, independent thinking.You will participate both as Thinker (considering topics of your choice), and as Thinking Partner (practicing this elegant expertise). Along the way you will explore all Ten Components of a Thinking Environment. This course is a prerequisite for the Coach Qualifying Course.



Maximum participants: 5
Over the weekend between the course the participant is expected to apply and practice the learnings from the first two days.


Aims and Objectives

  • To develop the skills of the six-part Thinking Session which can transform the way you think about yourself, your work, your relationships, your future and your life;
  • To learn how to give and receiveThinking Sessions effectively;
  • To explore all Ten Components of the Thinking Environment and their application to independent thinking;
  • To acquire skill in constructing Incisive Questions;
  • To have time to think about issues of importance to you.

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